Hansa Biopharma at a Glance

Hansa Biopharma is leveraging its proprietary enzyme technology platform to develop immunomodulatory treatments for rare immunoglobulin G (IgG)-mediated autoimmune conditions, transplant rejection and cancer.

The Company’s lead product candidate, imlifidase, is an antibody-cleaving enzyme being developed to enable kidney transplantation in highly sensitized patients and may be further developed for use in other organ and tissue transplantation and acute autoimmune indications. Imlifidase is currently under review for a potential marketing authorization by European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Hansa’s research and development program is advancing the Company’s enzyme technology to develop the next generation of IgG-cleaving enzymes with lower immunogenicity, suitable for repeat dosing in relapsing autoimmune diseases and oncology. Hansa Biopharma is based in Lund, Sweden and also has operations in other European countries and in the U.S.


Discovery of imlifidase

Christian Kjellman
SVP, Chief Scientific Officer



Ongoing review of the Marketing Authorization Application in the EU for imlifidase in highly sensitized kidney transplant patients. Dialogue with the Food and Drug Administration regarding a regulatory path for the U.S. market.


Approximately 200,000 patients in Europe and the U.S. are waiting for a kidney transplant. 30,000 of them are classified as highly sensitized.

Our Assets


Proprietary technology platform with imlifidase and 2nd generation enzymes. Significant patent protection beyond 2035 based on a possibility of up to five years extension.


Existing collaborations with leading research clinics. Growing number of partnerships with industry, healthcare and academia.


Clinical studies on imlifidase in rare acute autoimmune conditions. Next generation IgG-cleaving enzymes for repeat dosing.



Focus on developing innovative lifesaving and life altering therapies in rare diseases with significant unmet medical need.


Innovative biopharmaceutical company, with 90+ employees, Headquarter in Lund, Sweden and also has operations in other European countries and in the U.S.


Hansa is growing rapidly and expanding reach and focus. There are golden opportunities for highly talented, skilled, and passionate people.


Our Business Model

Hansa Biopharma is currently establishing a commercial organization to become a fully integrated biopharma company. If we receive the necessary marketing authorization we will go to market in Europe and the U.S. with our own organization and build a foundation for independent and sustainable growth. We will seek commercial partnerships for markets outside these regions. We will continue to invest in R&D in the areas of rare immunoglobulin G (IgG)-mediated autoimmune conditions, transplant rejection, cancer and neutralizing antibodies in gene therapy. We seek strategic partnerships and look for out-licensing opportunities in areas beyond our primary focus and outside our core business region.

Hansa Biopharma Business Model - Markets
Hansa Biopharma Business Model - Markets